Friday, July 17, 2009

York's Wild Kingdom

My day off, my oldest sister going to York's Wild Kingdom with her children and Suz ended up going too so she brings me too. I did not wanted to go anywhere on my off days usually, because i am just want to do nothing and rest.

I have no clue of what the animal kingdom they talking about which i never been or heard of. We left around 4pm and get there around 5pm via drive. The entrance to the park is a long and narrow road surrounded all by trees, almost felt like driving into the heart of a forest. After a few minutes of driving the small road we see the parking place, it's a dirt parking without pavements. There are plenty of parking spaces. The place is pretty nice, there are plenty of trees around the rides, thus it's not hot at all there are shades everywhere. The rides are mostly for kids, most won't allow people over 48". Only a few are allowing adults such as the bumper cars, ferris wheel, and racing track. There also a zoo with lots of animal. It reminds me of the fair at Farmington that only accur once a year. But this place is not as packed with people. Maybe it's because we went there kinda late at evening.

There also another entrance by the ferris wheel, which is next to the streets with cars and shops on the sides. I took the walk down the streets and eventually got to the beach too, not a very big beach but it's nice. I haven't been to the beach in so long, the breezing wind have the smell of seaweeds. The sands are soft and fine. Watching each wave crashing on the shore is refreshing, one wave ends another follows shortly, and endless cycle repeats itself. There are many houses along the shore too, ocean front house facing an ocean, staying in one of those houses during an vacation and watching the ocean seem so relaxing. What a perfect place to spend vacations.

As i walk back to the park along the street, a lot of people are staring at one of the shop, at first i thought it was and icecream shop, but at a closer look it's also a candy shop, the machines are rotating with some sweet stuff, I also notice one of the machine is producing candies. A line of candies down the chain and being cut into pieces, there's also a roll of candy papers rolling and cover up the candy. The finished product coming out one by one, almost felt like i am at one of the candy factory. There were a lot of customers at the shop waiting to taste the freshly produced candies.

Back to the park, i saw Suz just buy a fried dough, it was a big one, almost like an 12" pizza, but it's very thin. nevertheless it's a lot bigger in diameter than other fair's fried dough. she said she had to wait like 10 min for it to be fried. We sit down by the icecream shop and start tearing it apart and eat it up hungerily like a wolf. As expected 1 isn't enough for all of us, so i go and buy another and also some FF along with it, the fried dough cost $4, and the large FF cost $6.5.

The kids all pay for the all day rides and happily trying out each and every rides repeatedly. They are having so much fun and it all worth the $10 pass, just riding once would be 2-4 tokens, which cost 50 cents each token, all in all it was well worth it. They didn't want to leave until the park closing at 9pm, even so they still running around and trying to get more rides in.

I think we left around 9:15, and got home at around 10:15 or so, didn't check the time exactly and we cooked thin rice noodle with veggie soup for dinner. Jen's family came over and staying the night as well. It's her husbands week off vacation and she said it ended so fast.

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