Wednesday, July 14, 2010

drinks drinks

Tried the Starbucks iced Mocha today, i must say i am not impress at all, in fact i felt it is too expensive for a drink and that Starbucks is only worthy for a coffee. Everything else is too expensive.

At night i want to try the McDonald new drinks, i ended up getting a strawberry banana smoothie, haven't had one for a long time. It felt a little too sour to my taste and not sweet enough or creamy enough. and it was too frozen for the straw. Overall an OK drink at a lower than everyone else price. But i do felt the medium sized felt more like a small sized.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

new place

Today i heard the soon to be open burger place next to us is hiring people starting at $10 an hour. That sounds so lucrative and everyone is talking about the potential of working there. But my wage is already higher than that, not a concern for me.

Been almost 1 year

Wow it have almost been 1 year since i last posted. I really got lazy with this haha, hope to do more posts from now on