Monday, July 13, 2009

Haven't really started writing anything since created this, hopefully i can start to write more.

Another work day, another day of boring fest, today is a pretty slow day, it's a sunny day, sunny days always slow and raining days are busy.

Kinda late since i did not write anything on July 4, but i went with my sister and their kids to watch the fireworks at the old orchid Beach. this is the first year i go with them, they said they went there last year too, it's about 30 min drive from where we live, we go pretty late too, around 9pm, we did not go that close to see the fireworks, we just park the car next to a road near Rite Aid. I don't really know where that is, but we can see the firework from there. As for the firework itself, it did not impress me much, it is not bad, just i got spoil by the one from Boston. I went to the Boston fireworks twice when i was living there, and i am impress both time, a small city's firework can't really compare to a big city's. The firework from boston is so much higher and almost 3 times the size, the ones i remember the most are the ones dropping down slowly, almost felt like some galaxy is slowly approaching, also i remember they do some special ones for the 911 event that year. Anyways i really miss the firework of boston. Hope i will be able to see it live again and hopefully with someone i love.

As for july 5, it's sunday and my day off, my oldest sister still here with us and we done some BBQ. I am the one to start the grill, it's the second time i am doing it, it's using charcoals, those are a pain in the ass to light up. I think it took me like half an hour to and hour to have it fully lid up, learning from the first time, i use dried woods to to get a fire going this time, and put the charcoals on top of the fire, the fire went out a few time even with the woods, during my first time i was using only papers, but it didn't last long enough to heat up the coals, and i started using woods, which can burn a lot longer than papers.

When the coals are finally ready for cooking, we started putting on the food slowly, the first time we fill up the whole grill with food too fast and almost burned the food, because the heat is very strong and we couldn't flip the foods fast enough. This time we have chicken wings, pork ribs, hot dogs, and hamburger for food, we start grilling like 2 of each to ensure everyone can eat what they like, the kids like the hot dogs especially, they didn't use the buns either, and i think they all eat like 2 each, but they didn't touch the wings or ribs. I guess kids growing up in america don't really like food with bones. I personally liked the wings and ribs, and i don't want to eat hamburger because it would fill me up so fast and i like to eat more of other foods. As for hot dogs, i got sick of those long time ago back in high school, they cook it so bad there, it almost taste like they just steam it there. and also my friend Wing tell me hot dogs are made of any kind of meat, that makes me sick of it everytime i think about it. I ate a lot of wings and por ribs, and they are good because any food freshly cooked always good regardless of taste. We have lots of leftover too, also because we cooked slower this time, the coals went out of heat before we can finish cooking everything, the last few rib didn't get fully cooked and there still lots of hamburgers left. BBQ truly is one of my favorite

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