Monday, July 13, 2009

Tonight is the second night of our Ulduar 10 raid, but i did not want to go because i don't want to raid so many nights a week. Also the remaining bosses does not drop anything i really need or want, so i ended up skipping it, As for last night, the raid did not went that well, because i am the OT of group 2, and i am not really that good at tanking that place, i am mostly just dps'ing. New tanks learning fights usually means some wipes. A lot of us really don't need much gears from that place anyway, except for hard modes, and group 2 haven't really done much hard modes at all. First boss is Flame Leviathan, i think we done 2 towers up for that, with max 4 towers up being the hardest. We have 1 wipe because 1 of the demolisher die early and that is like most of our damages coming from. We downed him on second trie. I am just gunning for a seige which is one of the least important job as always... Then we skipped the optional bosses Ignis, Razerscale, and Iron Council in favor of the later bosses and for trying some of the hard modes.

Next one up is XT, and we intend on doing the hard mode, which requires burst dps on his heart that he only expose for a very short time, if we succeed in bringing that heart down then the hard mode starts and which we did. Once the hard mode starts there are 2 things i have to watch out for, light bomb and gravity bomb, our strategy is people with light bomb go to the south of raid and gravity goes north and drop the black holes there. The person with light bomb will spawn a spark, which does aoe damages to the whole raid, and melee can't go close to it, so it's something only range dps need to burn down asap so healers have an easier time. At first i was on taunting spark duty, but then the leaders decides to just let me dps only because the boss isn't going down fast enough and needed my dps. I think we had 1 wipe and then we succeeded with that hard mode, which is pretty suprising because even group 1 haven't done it yet, group is the better group because they have more consistent members, where group 2 always have to find new healer or dps to fill in which makes it harder. Even the OT keeps changing. And he drops the melee sword that looks really good, it's with 2 sockets, basically anything with sockets are better without and especially weapons which are rare to have sockets.

This is getting too long i will just write is briefly, next boss is kologam, auriaya, both went down ez. and next is hodir, the leader wanted the hard mode but it's just a dps race, ended up wiping 2-3 times on him and didn't get the hard mode, which imo we are far away from it. the drops sux as well, didn't drop my Tier legging. Next up is thorim, also tried the hard mode of it. to get the hard mode the people inside tunnel have to finish it within 2:30 min, it's my first time tanking it for hard mode, on 1st try i let some dps die because i didn't taunt the adds that got loose, I was nervous too because it's my 1st time tanking it, moving lightning fast and keep the aggro off the dps seem hard at first, but i manage to do it on 2nd attempt, and we got the hard mode to start, but we wiped on phase 2. Then theres are few more wipes, and we finally just down him regular mode, and my tier shoulder didn't drop either, which i don't need anyway. It was 2:40 am and i just logged really fast because i am not interest in the loots and wanted to get some sleep in real fast, because i have to wake at 8:40 next day so i can get to work at 9:30 only 6 hours of sleep, don't think that's good for my health, but i am getting used to it i guess, and that is 1 of the reason i don't want to raid so much, i need to get more sleeps.

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